Capitalism To Blame For The Chaos In Zambia

Capitalism To Blame For The Chaos In ZambiaThe system of capitalism, as it has been implemented in a periphery country like ours, is to blame for the chaos and insecurity in Zambia.

For almost 30 years now, the petty bourgeois ruling clique has subjected Zambians to a crude and primitive form of capitalism. Individualism, greed, unbridled competition and consumerism has enabled a few to live parasitic, opulent life styles. The majority continue to live in abject poverty, squalor and in world full of superstition.

The ruling clique does not and will never have a progressive, revolutionary agenda for the masses. Its sole mission and existence is to use state power for its own selfish interests. (more…)

A Greedy & Corrupt Capitalist System Cannot Stop School Examinations Leakages

A Greedy And Corrupt Capitalist System Cannot Stop School Examinations Leakages The postponement of the Grade 7, 9 and 12 examinations by the ECZ is not shocking. The question is why does it not happen more often? Or better still, why does this country still hold on to this ritual rendered obsolete and meaningless by the greed and corruption of the capitalist system?

Each year, our learners, students, guardians and Zambian masses are literally held captive and angered by one of the highest forms of injustice in the education sector, i.e. an examination system and process long divorced from ability and hard work. The rich ruling elite has completely destroyed any little fairness that characterised the examination system from 1964 to 1991. This has in turn undermined the people’s trust in the entire education system. (more…)

The 2019 Zambian National Budget Is A Futile And Deceitful Exercise

The 2019 National Budget Is A Futile And Deceitful ExerciseThe 2019 national budgeting exercise would have been comical – had it not been that futile and deceitful. It is essentially an exercise that has produced words without context and meaning; it is detached from the miserable conditions of the financial and real economy; it hardly addresses the plight of the working masses; and does very little to alley the fears of the already frightened international financial markets.

An apparent mixture of panic, arrogance and sheer incompetence ends up producing a shameful budget. Once more, Zambia’s petty bourgeois leadership has out-marched its own record in all ways of destroying our tiny impoverished economy and the hopes of the 99% of the country’s population affected by policy failure. (more…)

US Military Invasion Of Venezuela Highly Possible

The US Invasion of Venezuela -By Dr. Cosmas MusumaliA US military intervention of Venezuela is highly possible. The dynamics in American domestic politics are creating an environment in which the anti-Venezuelan forces are gaining an upper hand.

This is a coalition involving US based Venezuelan dissidents, right-wing Latin American cartels and conservative Christian groupings. It is the type of groups President Trump is targeting in the bid to sustain domestic support for his administration and perform well in the forthcoming midterm elections.

The heightened aggressiveness and impunity of the Columbian ruling elite, which currently serves as Washington’s blue-eyed boys in Latin America, has also helped to unite the Anti-Venezuelan forces and reawakened the possibilities of a full-scale military invasion. (more…)

President Lungu’s Foreign Policy Is Corrupt and Without Principles

President Lungu's Foreign PolicyThe shameful saga surrounding Tendai Biti’s deportation out of Zambia is not surprising. Ever since President Lungu came into power, Zambia is no longer the safe haven that it once was for those running away from political repression and persecution.

Tendai Biti and those accompanying him should have known better. The Zambia situation is just as bad as, if not worse than, in Zimbabwe. The Zambia that once accepted all politically persecuted is today lawless and without compassion. President Lungu, his advisors and associates are de facto the law. They are the unrestricted alpha and omega over peoples lives. Local and international laws are of no consequence. (more…)