Capitalism To Blame For The Chaos In ZambiaThe system of capitalism, as it has been implemented in a periphery country like ours, is to blame for the chaos and insecurity in Zambia.

For almost 30 years now, the petty bourgeois ruling clique has subjected Zambians to a crude and primitive form of capitalism. Individualism, greed, unbridled competition and consumerism has enabled a few to live parasitic, opulent life styles. The majority continue to live in abject poverty, squalor and in world full of superstition.

The ruling clique does not and will never have a progressive, revolutionary agenda for the masses. Its sole mission and existence is to use state power for its own selfish interests.

Nothing is a taboo in the quest for political and economic power! Corruption, theft, the plunder of public resources, destruction of the natural environment, archaic beliefs in witchcraft, use of religious charlatans, fragmentation of our people along ethic lines and outright crime are all employed. Morality and humanity are thrown out to the dustbins of history!

These are the type of leaders the capitalist system and its pseudo-democracy has bestowed upon us. The boundaries between lumpen and bureaucratic behaviour is thin, lawlessness prevails and professionalism does not exist. Don’t be blindfolded by the diverse political parties – they are the same people! Their neo-liberal agendas are the modern day forms of slavery that our motherland, Africa, has been subjected to for over 500 years!

Yesterday the media was full of revelations by some religious zealot that the ruling clique owes its powers, not to the Zambian people, but to his devilish powers; today it is about the gassing of our poor people and school children as way of settling political competition; tomorrow we could end up with our people at war with each – not for the interests of the masses, but rather as cannon fodder for the rivalries amongst the petty bourgeois elite.

All this would sound grotesque and impossible in the 21st century. But we have come to learn that capitalism at the periphery produces political outcomes and processes that are worse than the Hollywood horror movies!

This why we, as socialists, have no illusion that the capitalist system can be a solution for Zambia. It is a liability and must be done away with.