Declaring a day of prayer borders on blasphemy

Image source The Post Newspaper

President Edgar Lungu’s declaration of October 18, 2015 as the day for repentance, prayer and fasting, throughout the country borders on blasphemy.

The greatest danger facing Zambia today immanent from President Lungu himself and those surrounding him. In less than 9 months of his presidency, his PF party has antagonized a whole ethnic group (the Tongas) through unbridled arrogance and sheer lack of respect.

The president himself continues to threaten all those exposing his dismal performance with death and “crushing”; he does not even hesitate to blackmail citizens exercising their constitutional right to vote for political parties of their choice with denying them developmental benefits.

Further, he has no scruple with buying off an opposition political party candidate if doing so is perceived to enhance the PF’s  chances of winning a by-election; and as we are experiencing in the on-going campaigns in Lubansenshi in Luwingu, millions of Kwacha of public resources are being sunk into the PF campaign without restraint and any form of accountability.

The list of sins committed by President Lungu and his party is endless. He has therefore no moral and spiritual authority to request Zambians to seek God’s deliverance to the mess that he has created. By so doing, he is cunningly and deceptively distancing himself from all the evils that he should be answerable for.

To the protesting students and university lectures requesting for a conducive academic environment, the trade union movement seeking economic justice, the peasant farmers kept in perpetual poverty by agricultural policy inertia, and all Zambians enduring untold economic hardships and daily repression, their daily prayers are for God to grant them the courage and wisdom to take appropriate action that will stop President Lungu from sinning – by voting him out of power. Their Christian love and reconciliation will be manifested through stopping evil and not abating it.

For the 18th October initiative to make sense, let us see President Lungu take action against all his party officials that are antagonizing Zambians and risking the ethnic harmony that we have enjoyed over half a century; let him apologise to those he has wronged and threatened with death; let him pay back to the Zambian people all the money that has been misappropriated; let him stop lying about national issues and imaginary enemies; and more importantly, he should stop using God and the body of Christ for his selfish ends. Blasphemy is punishable by God.