Fiscal indiscipline is destroying the Zambian economyZambians do not need validation of an IMF official on the havoc the fiscal indiscipline of the PF government is causing to this economy.

As citizens and economic actors, we experience the daily chaos in the financial operations of government departments, the sheer lack of compliance and widespread corruption, the collusion between the legislative and executive arms of the state in pushing our country into a debt-trap, the impunity in misuse of state resources for political party ends, and unwillingness to pay more attention to the balance between current and future public finance needs.

All these add up to constitute the worst form of fiscal indiscipline the country has ever experienced since 1964. We do not have to wait for development partners to give us a voice to articulate our economic malaise.

There are indeed limits to what development partners may and may not openly say. They are bound by protocols and restrictions in their communication with host governments and the press. In the past, the dealings of governments with international development partners were often classified as confidential or secret. It was and is an undemocratic way of ensuring that the electorate is not preview to what its government is committing itself to. The development partners ended up becoming “donors and policy makers” and the host governments delegated to “implementers”. This literally stupefies the electorate and undermines the basic tenets of democratic governance. There is some bit of improvements today, but the average official of a development partner institution is still cagey about speaking the truth openly. In a way, such officials are also slaves in a global capitalist system built on lies and fake protocols.