PF leadership abusing police and intelligence officers

PF leadership abusing police and intelligence officersThe PF leadership is abusing the police and intelligence   personnel of this country with impunity. It is shocking and disgusting to witness this rapid decay in professional conduct amongst our senior officers over the past 12 months. At this pace, a new government after the 2016 general elections will need to totally rebuild these key state institutions. These institutions are quickly becoming irrelevant to the needs and interests of the Zambian masses. In essence, they are becoming a liability.

Stopping the Rainbow Party members from having lunch together with comrade Robert Chikwelete in Kapiri Mposhi is both an over-reaction as well as a waste of police and intelligence time, energy and resources. (more…)

President Kabila of Congo

President Kabila of Congo

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President Joseph Kabila of the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) has for nearly 15 years faced tremendous huge challenges relatively to many other African presidents but has performed pretty well.

Joseph Kabila in 2001 inherited a country that was split by war into three zones and almost all its neighbouring states had been dragged into it. Joseph Kabila made huge compromises and within a year there was relative peace in most of the regions – apart from in the eastern provinces and Katanga where several militia remained active.

In 2001, the economy of Congo was in very poor state: Inflation was high, there was no GDP growth, the currency was hopeless, and infrastructure was in desolate condition. Today, despite the low global copper prices, inflation is lower, the Congolese franc has been stabilised, and sectors such as telecommunications, construction and infrastructure are doing pretty well. Congo is today producing more copper than Zambia. (more…)

Zambian economy: 2016 may turn out tragic for Zambian workers

Zambian economy: 2016 may turn out tragic for Zambian workersThe year 2016 may turn out to be the worst for the masses of our population in the entire 51 years post-independence period. Macro-economic stability will remain elusive, job losses will continue to be experienced in all sectors of the economy, the cost of living will continue to rise and poverty will deepen. Under these conditions, the PF government will increasingly act impulsively and become more defensive and repressive. The toxic mixture of a repressive regime amidst growing mass poverty will be tragic for the Zambian workers, peasants, students and the poor. It is the sort of mixture that civil strife and unrest are made of. (more…)

Zambian economy: President Lungu’s parliament speech is misplaced and without direction

Zambian economy: President Lungu’s parliament speech is misplaced and without directionPresident Lungu’s speech for the official opening of the fifth session of the 11th National Assembly is misplaced and without direction.

The Zambian economy is like a house on fire: with the world’s worst performing currency, a widening budget deficit, increasing public indebtedness, rampant fiscal indiscipline, high levels of corruption, a devastating energy crisis, pending massive closures of businesses and increasing unemployment. Yet the house owner is not decisive about stopping the fire. (more…)

The Future of the Zambian Poultry Industry is bleak

The Future of the Zambian Poultry Industry is bleakThe future of the Zambian poultry industry is bleak.  Commercial poultry farming has a relatively high demand for energy. The constant interruptions of power supply due to load shedding are increasing bird mortality and impairing growth prospects whilst increased electricity tariffs directly bear on the overall cost of production.

In addition, the full impact of the Kwacha depreciation will soon be felt through higher costs of day-old chicks, stockfeed, medicines and other inputs. Producers will push the cost burden to the consumers and consumers will have to reduce their consumption of poultry protein to much lower levels – literally spelling the doom for an entire industry. (more…)