Ethnicity and Regionalism WILL Destroy Zambia

Ethnicity and Regionalism will destroy ZambiaEthnicity (also derogatively called tribalism) and regionalism will destroy our homeland if the developments of the past two decades are left unchecked.

Zambia is today more fragmented than ever before. National unity is now ridiculed by the country’s petty bourgeois political elite and deliberately undermined in the political calculations to win votes. Unfortunately, this dangerous irrationality has almost taken over the entire political space – driving out the spirit of “One Zambia, One Nation”. The eventual consequences are not hard to predict: More mistrust amongst Zambians, hate language and speeches, regrouping into ethnic comfort zones, less tolerance to our diversity, and even more physical violence against each other.

It is going to be a more divided, ugly Zambian society than we already have. (more…)

Continued Abuse of ZRA to Destroy The Post is a Double Tragedy for Zambia

Continued abuse of the ZRA to destroy The Post is a double tragedy for ZambiaThe continued and blatant abuse of the Zambia Revenue Authority (ZRA) as a political tool aimed at destroying The Post newspaper is a double tragedy for Zambia.

Firstly, tax compliance is significantly dependent on the taxpayers’ trust and perceived fairness of the overall revenue collection system just as much as it is on the robustness of the existing operational systems. Today we have a ZRA that is highly discredited, corrupt and relegated to a political cadre-driven agency.

The continued closure of The Post and harassment of any business house deemed to be transacting with it may make sense in the distorted thinking of the Patriotic Front leadership, but it is harmful for the reputation of the ZRA. (more…)

MUVI TV closure – Zambia is sinking into dictatorship

MUVI TV closure – Zambia is sinking into dictatorshipThe closure of MUVI Television station as well as Komboni and Itezhi-Tezhi community radio stations is part of an on-going, heinous scheme by the PF leadership to gag any critical voices and media platforms in our homeland.

Apparently, the PF leadership views freedom of speech and freedom of the press as superfluous and a danger to its crooked governance. We are dealing with a clique that is determined to silence and destroy any business organization, civil society entity or any patriotic Zambian that shows civil courage and stands up against its vices.

The question is how did we find ourselves in such a mess? How did we, within a period of 2 years, allow the creation of a dictatorship that is destroying any semblance of democracy and literary holding the country hostage? (more…)

Zambian Elections: Fake and unstable democracy

Zambian Elections: Fake and unstable democracyThe just ended elections in our homeland point to highly worrisome developments with far reaching consequences. Zambia will never be the same after these elections.

The first worrisome development is the increasing level of state sponsored violence and arbitrary actions. This narrowed down the democratic space for opposition political parties and their supporters long before the official campaign period was announced.

The PF government had gone on rampage and did everything possible to ensure that the voices of the opposition political parties were silenced. There were no “holy cows” during this pillage of the country’s moral consciousness.

Law enforcement agencies, intelligence services, national defense wings, the civil service, sections of the church and traditional authorities were all co-opted in legitimizing or at least tolerating massive acts of violence by the PF government.

People were killed, mutilated, women raped and verbal abuse was everywhere during this process. The scale and impunity of this violence was historical. The fact that the perpetrators of this violence ended up winning provides a huge incentive for more, systematic state sponsored violence from now on. The vote for the PF government therefore legitimizes an immoral political behavior that will continue to haunt us for years to come. (more…)

Fidel Castro turns 90 – decades of revolutionary commitment and resiliency

Fidel Castro turns 90 – decades of revolutionary commitment and resiliencyFidel Alejandro Castro Ruz, commonly known as Fidel Castro, turns 90 on the 13th August 2016. We will join the progressive world in celebrating the life of this legendary revolutionary. It is also an opportune time to reflect on the invaluable lessons and insights his life offers.

Fidel and the Cuban revolution are inspirational in our search for a better, equitable Zambian society. Despite decades of a ruinous economic blockade imposed on the island by Washington, the Cuban social indicators are very impressive; in many respects even superior to those of leading imperialist countries with higher per capita GDP levels. Fidel and his comrades give us hope that the health status and education levels of the masses of our people can significantly and equitably be transformed within decades. (more…)