The Post Newspaper’s heroic resistance

Image source The Post Newspaper

Image source The Post Newspaper

The Post newspapers’ continued resilience, despite the closure of its facilities and all other acts of repression from the PF government, is nothing short of heroic resistance.

In one of the rare moments of our post-independence history, we are today witnessing the total mobilization of the whole state apparatus in trying to destroy a media house and even torture or kill its top management.

This is all done for the sake of perpetuating a corrupt and exploitative social-economic system as well protecting a parasitic governing elite from accountability. No wonder there has been celebrations and sighs of relief as soon as the closure of the newspaper was announced. (more…)

2016 election campaign in Zambia – The fallacy of petty bourgeois democracy

2016 election campaign in Zambia – The fallacy of petty bourgeois democracyMore than ever before, the 2016 election campaign is exposing the bankruptcy of ideas of Zambia’s petty bourgeois democracy. Political aspirants continue to subject the Zambian masses to never ending promises of “development”.

Yet this cohort of neo-liberal politicians is far detached from the real needs and aspirations of the masses. It is political elite not primed to serve the masses, but rather itself through corruption, patronage and outright fraud.

The masses, as voters, are being lured with empty and outrageous promises of a better life. However, after 25 years of such promises, voter cynicism is creeping into our country. The voters know very well that they are being lied to. Rallies are therefore being attended for the sake of entertainment – if not to benefit from the hand-outs being dished out by the politicians. (more…)

Zambia drifting into anarchy and chaos

Zambia drifting into anarchy and chaosOur homeland is quickly drifting into anarchy and disorder. Our police service is being abused with officers ordered to shoot at and kill people that they are supposed to be protecting; the judiciary and other related institutions are, through selective promotions and subtle coercion, systematically compromised; corruption has become pervasive in key government ministries with the finance ministry taking the lead; PF party cadres and functionaries have become the law and demigods holding the entire country at ransom.  The list of these atrocities is endless.

The worst aspect of this development is that state institutions and agencies are at the forefront of this decay – they are facilitating, abetting and many times collectively behaving in a way that is highly destructive. The damage caused is therefore huge and in some cases irreparable. We find ourselves on the same path countries like the Democratic Republic of Congo (then Zaire), Liberia, Sierra Leone, Somalia and the Central African Republic found themselves at a certain time of they history. The end result is highly predictable. (more…)

Zambia is the third hungriest country in the world – due to failed leadership and capitalist system

Zambia is the third hungriest country in the world – due to failed leadership and capitalist systemThe World Hunger Index for 2015 that ranked Zambia as the third hungriest country in the world, below Chad and the Central African Republic, confirms our stance that the Zambian version of capitalism has been a total failure.

This picture will not change as long as the Zambian state remains under the control of a petty bourgeois elite that adores self-enrichment, corruption, individualism, greed, violence and manipulation of the masses for its own selfish ends. This political elite is actually the major cause of the hunger experienced by the millions of Zambians. It cannot therefore be seen as facilitative to any solutions towards the eradication of hunger in our homeland. (more…)

All Zambian capitalist politicians want to get rich fast

All Zambian capitalist politicians want to get rich fastThe attacks on President Lungu’s quickly begotten wealth by politicians that preach capitalism are hypocritical. These critics will not be different if voted into power. It is not the plight of poor Zambian workers, peasants, students and other marginalised majority of our population that drives them into politics. It is rather their insatiable greed for wealth and power – an attribute they commonly share with president Lungu. Depicting President Lungu as if he was the only desperado and his critics were angels occupying a moral high ground is tantamount to pretence of the worst type. (more…)