The Zambian Masses must stand up and defend The Post

The PF government is resolved to indefinitely close The Post Newspaper and therefore deny the Zambian people a critical source of news and analyses. And the Zambia Revenue Authority (ZRA) is the “panga” that is being used. This development is essentially a translation of street violence into the revenue collection function.

The consequences of such action will reverberate for years to come with huge damage to people’s trust in ZRA as an institution.  This action also destroys the little hope and space for press freedom that has been cultivated over the past 25 years. (more…)

It is tragic for our country – political leaders are not making efforts to grasp economic basics

It is tragic for our country – political leaders are not making efforts to grasp economic basicsThe on-going election campaigns are empty with regard to economic content. The level of debate on economic policy is extremely shallow. It is tragic for our country that its political leaders continue to ignore acquisition of basic knowledge about economic theory and policy. It is apparent from the campaign that the average Zambian politician today, whether in government or opposition, is far from undertaking serious efforts towards grasping the ABC of economics and let alone the dynamics of the Zambian economy.

Yet these are the leaders that are determining or will eventually determine the economic survival of our homeland. I do not expect every politician to have a degree in economics; that is if a degree is at all a good measure of one’s knowledge! World over, we have graduate economists that never touch a book after leaving university and overtime degenerate to “common sense levels” of understanding. Even without a degree, but with significant interest and time effort in the subject, a good grasp of the subject is possible. And every serious political actor requires this basic understanding. Without such knowledge, politicians will continue causing irreparable damage to our economy regardless of the class interest they represent. (more…)

The Matero Fracas : The PF leadership is endangering our police officers

The Matero Fracas : The PF leadership is endangering our police officersThe Matero Fracas was predictable. It is an end result of a sequence of events under which the PF government tolerated and even facilitated violence of its cadres against opposition party supporters. The police and other internal security services have been systematically compromised to a level where their behaviour is no longer deemed different from that of the PF cadres. It is a development that endangers the lives of our police officers.  As the Matero incident indicates, a compromised police service cannot wield authority over an angry mass of people. Police work is made very difficult and the lives of the men and women in uniform are at immense risk. (more…)

Zambian workers – liberate yourselves from capitalist enslavement

Zambian workers – liberate yourselves from capitalist enslavementIf you are a worker in the Zambia of today, then you are not very different from a slave of a some hundreds years back: Your voice hardly counts in political decision making; your children access one of the worst education standards world over; your health status is very poor; nutrition is compromised and your housing situation is miserable.

Though you continue working hard on a daily basis, the owners of the means of production continue to exploit your labour power. You are left with only enough to survive the next day and generate more wealth for the owners of capital. The capitalist system enslaves you, it dehumanises you and relegates you to a second class citizen. (more…)

PF and its economic capacity

PF and its economic capacityThe Luena Member of Parliament, Gertrude Imenda, is correct in stating that the downgrading of Zambia’s credit rating and lowering of the country’s economic outlook was obvious and predictable. Similarly, her pessimism of an economic upturn and of any improvements in the livelihoods of the masses of our people is also justified.

Indeed, one does not need to be an economist to come to this conclusion. It is a hard reality that our people in all corners of this country are beginning to accept.

However, the lack of an immediate and medium term solution to our country’s economic crises has less to do with the PF ‘s ability or capacity. If the PF does not have the capacity, then who has? The capacity to effectively manage an economy takes years to harness. You need technocrats that are well trained and experienced and Zambia has these in numbers in our line Ministries, the treasury and Bank of Zambia. You need a functional revenue collection system and this is available through the Zambia Revenue Authority. You need functional regulatory agencies and we have several of these. Zambia today has more and better-trained technocrats than at any other time in our history. (more…)