Poverty in Lukulu and Mitete districts is breeding discontent and chaos

Poverty in Lukulu and Mitete districts is breeding discontent and chaosIt is hard to contain shedding tears when confronted by the stark realities of poverty and neglect in Lukulu and Mitete. The state of the villages is reminiscent of war-torn countries, the nutritional condition of children is heart breaking, most public institutions are in desolate condition and the major road, such as the one linking Lukulu to Kaoma and Zambezi districts could be described as amongst the worst on the African continent.

Lukulu and its neighbouring Mitete district are an ugly scar on the moral conscience of post-independence Zambia. The two districts, just like a good number of others in Zambia, remind us in a painful way that the social, economic, political and cultural emancipation of our people is far from being achieved 51 years after independence!

Lukulu and Mitete do not have a single factory that could provide decent jobs to the thousands of unemployed youth. There is no industry that is being systematically harnessed to serve as a foundation for economic growth. Worse still, there is no collective effort amongst leaders and citizens to find solutions to these intricate but solvable problems. How then do you expect to see any positive changes in Lukulu and Mitete given this inertia? (more…)

Ambassador Sketchley Sachika and ideology – a veiled propaganda

Ambassador Sketchley Sachika and ideology – a veiled propagandaAmbassador Sketchley Sachika’s arguments are very welcome, but they strengthen our cause against politics without convictions and firm commitments to the workers, peasants and the poor of this country.

Politics, at least from our socialist perspective, is about ensuring equitable access to education, quality health care,  affordable nutritious food, decent housing, a clean environment and well-paying jobs in a society that accords highest priority to the masses and not to a tiny, parasitic elite. If politics had to be relegated to “a game of shifting sands with undefined rules of engagement”, in whose interest is such a game played? Where is the commitment and conviction to a cause? On what basis should the masses of our people take such political actors seriously? (more…)

HH’s understanding of socialism and capitalism is shockingly naïve and shallow

Image source The Post Zambia

Image source The Post Zambia

The UPND Presidents’ remarks pertaining socialism and capitalism are shockingly naïve and shallow. Going by what he thinks and said, then the poor people of Zambia should brace for even harder times under a UPND run government.

What the UPND President is telling the toiling masses of Zambia is an out-dated “fairy-tale” repeatedly told over the past 500 years of capitalist exploitation – that the abject poverty of the masses will only improve after the capitalist bosses have accumulated billions of profits and then, thereafter, some form of charity will then be extended to them. He is oblivious to the fact that poverty is structural; it is born out of economic exploitation of the working masses and their exclusion in the social, cultural and political spheres of their countries. It is not a phenomenon that you eradicate through acts of charity or the so-called “social element”. It is only when the greatest majority of our people gain control and become masters over their economy, their natural resources, their socio-cultural capital and when they can bring an end to economic exploitation that their poverty will be dealt with decisively. Anything short of that will remain nothing but a fairly-tale. (more…)

Political Alliances will not eradicate poverty in Zambia

Political Alliances will not eradicate poverty in ZambiaThere is a huge outcry emanating from Zambians for opposition political parties to form an alliance that will oust the PF from power.  This demand is legitimate; Zambians have lost trust in the PF government. The expectation is that a new government will bring an end to their misery.

As things stand today, the UPND is the biggest opposition party and is becoming the rallying point for such an alliance whose major objective is to remove the PF from power. It was therefore quite clear to us, that all those merely wanting to change government, but not the exploitative neo-liberal capitalist system, will sooner or later have to form an alliance with the UPND. (more…)

Opportunism in Zambian politics

Opportunism in Zambian politicsOur country will witness increased defections of politicians from one party to another over the coming months. A contributing factor to these defections being a speculative element – where those defecting want to belong to a party that will form the next government.

In a country like ours where ruling political parties have unhindered parasitic relationship to public resources, there is no shortage of such opportunistic politicians. That is the only way they can sustain their parasitic livelihoods. Public resources, collected from the tax-paying masses of our people, have become the prime source for the self-enrichment of the ruling elite. Opposition political party politics does not appeal to this group of politicians.

These politicians have become experts at reading the signs of a failing regime and take calculated chances to timely join the political party expected to form the next government. Ultimately, the next government ends up having the same faces and corrupt behaviours of the previous ones. We therefore end up changing names of parties, but not the parasitic politicians and let alone achieving a total transformation of the socio-economic system. The trust of the masses of our people in political change through the electoral process is consequently betrayed even before any vote is cast. (more…)