Political Alliances will not eradicate poverty in ZambiaThere is a huge outcry emanating from Zambians for opposition political parties to form an alliance that will oust the PF from power.  This demand is legitimate; Zambians have lost trust in the PF government. The expectation is that a new government will bring an end to their misery.

As things stand today, the UPND is the biggest opposition party and is becoming the rallying point for such an alliance whose major objective is to remove the PF from power. It was therefore quite clear to us, that all those merely wanting to change government, but not the exploitative neo-liberal capitalist system, will sooner or later have to form an alliance with the UPND.

Indeed, with the current momentum, the stars are promising for the UPND. Our caution as a socialist party is that the poverty and misery experienced by Zambians go beyond the PF, and will equally be beyond what the UPND will be able to handle. The poverty, humiliation and oppression of our people has its root causes in a capitalist system based on greed, individualism, systemic corruption and institutionalised violence. The mere change of governments and political parties, without smashing the capitalist system, which Pope Francis of the Catholic Church describes as “evil”, will not help. It will be another futile exercise, a betrayal of the aspirations of the masses of our people. Our party will therefore not endorse any alliance that helps to perpetuate neo-liberal capitalism on our homeland. We have never viewed the PF or President Edgar Lungu as our enemy; our fight is against the barbarism of capitalism. A system that over 500 years has kept our continent enslaved and backward.

But what is the motive of such an Alliance? Its just power – one group of politicians taking over from another. The UPND is, going by the regional pattern of voting in our country, guaranteed a huge vote in Southern Province and in some of its strong holds in Western and North-Western. Additional votes from Muchinga, Northern and Luapula will improve its chances of forming the next government – but also assure those joining the alliance of government positions. It is a matter of Zambia’s political elite repositioning itself. It has nothing to do with the emancipation of our people from capitalist slavery.

We are determined and resolute in the fight against capitalism. Our fight is not for the mere sake of the political leadership. It is for the total emancipation of our people. It is for the transformation of Zambia along a humane socialist path. We will remain true to this spirit. So long as poverty and oppression exist in our homeland, the socialist norms of equity, honesty, humility and solidarity are and will remain worthy fighting for. History is on our side and a genuine victory of the Zambian people will sooner or later be attained.