The PF government is resolved to indefinitely close The Post Newspaper and therefore deny the Zambian people a critical source of news and analyses. And the Zambia Revenue Authority (ZRA) is the “panga” that is being used. This development is essentially a translation of street violence into the revenue collection function.

The consequences of such action will reverberate for years to come with huge damage to people’s trust in ZRA as an institution.  This action also destroys the little hope and space for press freedom that has been cultivated over the past 25 years.

The losers will be the over 1,000 workers of the Post that will be sent in joblessness on the street together with their families – but also the Zambian masses that have to come to depend on the newspaper as a reliable source of critical and reliable information.

It is time Zambians stood up and fought back. ZRA and the PF government must be stopped today. Waiting for the 11th August to vote them out will not save the newspaper. The whole remaining campaign period will be empty without the critical role The Post continues to play.