Zambian workers – liberate yourselves from capitalist enslavementIf you are a worker in the Zambia of today, then you are not very different from a slave of a some hundreds years back: Your voice hardly counts in political decision making; your children access one of the worst education standards world over; your health status is very poor; nutrition is compromised and your housing situation is miserable.

Though you continue working hard on a daily basis, the owners of the means of production continue to exploit your labour power. You are left with only enough to survive the next day and generate more wealth for the owners of capital. The capitalist system enslaves you, it dehumanises you and relegates you to a second class citizen.

The 1st of May is therefore a day of reflection for the working class. A day on which workers of our entire planet recommit themselves to an unwavering class struggle against capitalism. It is this class struggle that will one day bring an end to the misery of the working masses.

Of course some nice speeches will be read on 1st May, some token presents given to selected workers and industrial harmony preached. However, this will not be enough to mask the fact that the past 12 months have been tragic for the working class in Zambia: Thousands have lost jobs; salaries have been slashed down by inflation and currency depreciation; physical and verbal attacks have increased; and our townships became more insecure than ever before.

Yet the PF government and opposition political parties continue praising the virtues of capitalism! The pain and suffering of the working class is regarded as inevitable – as collateral damage in search of capitalist profits and strengthening of investor confidence!

It is time for the Zambian workers to stand up and fight for their economic and political rights. A socialist state, run and controlled by the working class is the only surest way out of this dilemma. The working class ought to use the 1st May to reflect on how best to take over state power and use that power to benefit itself. Short of this, the capitalist enslavement will continue forever.